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Code Of Conduct

Uniform and Equipment’s

  • Ensure quality in the uniforms provided
  • Train them on how to keep the attire


  • Quality recruitment & ensure sufficient resources on supervision
  • Train them regularly & frequent reviews with them to understand site issues - Type of patrolling and patrolling techniques by Rounders.
  • Ensure continuous round ups to ensure all the guards are vigilant
  • Surprise visits by Area Officers & operation team.

Commencing Duties & procedures

  • Ensure proper Shift, Handover/Takeover Procedure
  • Maintaining of duty rosters and all registers held at sight.
  • Preparing of incident report.

Gate House Duties

  • Controls: Gate, personnel, vehicles, material, key and gate pass.
  • Lost and found property.
  • List authorized signatories.
  • Misconduct at the gate.

Emergency procedure

  • Type of emergencies: Cover during training subjects like Fire risk, Hazards, & Search procedure, etc.

Code of conduct

  • Train & ensure on Honesty, Alertness, Punctuality, Prompt in action on duty etc.

First aid

  • Include Golden rule of first aid during Training.

Fire Fighting and Prevention - We cover following during fire training

  • Classification of fire. - Identification of Cause of fire & firefighting measures based on cause
  • Fire alarm.
  • Control panel.
  • Evacuation procedure.
  • Practical demonstration.

Search procedure

  • Train field on Type of search, possible-hiding places, vehicle search, and premises search. Etc.